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The West Sussex Community Broadband Society is a society created by members of the local community for the benefit of that community.

Its purpose is to facilitate community-wide internet services by enabling the infrastructure for a community-wide network to be developed at an affordable price.

The aims of the society are to:
(i) provide broadband-based community information services to the benefit of its members, the local community and the general public
(ii) provide broadband internet services to its members
(iii) to further the interests of its members in all aspects of the provision of internet services.

This community-wide broadband network is aimed at everyone in the community. This includes individuals, small businesses, community groups, clubs and societies. It is focussed on inclusivity - making services available to all in the community. It will deliver the infrastructure necessary to facilitate the development of a raft of community-wide information services and it will allow any subscriber within the area covered to connect to another at very high speed. A central computer system will host the services provided within the community. Additionally, by connecting the community network to an upstream Internet Service Provider it will permit high-speed access to the internet for individuals and small businesses. Businesses will be able to host commercial web sites on the community server or on their own server to gain access to e-business and e-government services.

Larger businesses are also included allowing them to enhance their local marketing presence and stimulating involvement in the community.

More importantly it connects the community together in a 'wide area network' and can foster a sense of community spirit. Information can be instantly exchanged between community members and it facilitates communication within the community.

Membership of the Society is open to all individuals and organisations within West Sussex who support the aims and credos of the Society.

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